Where in the Data? FAQ

What is a data game?

A data game is a series of puzzles contained within a database, and solutions require reading comprehension, data analysis, and common sense. With each solution, the story unfolds and more of the game's art is revealed.

For example, in Noah's Rug, you're tracking down a beloved tapestry, searching for its successive owners within the sales database of a Jewish deli.

Who would play such a data game?

The kind of person who enjoys writing SQL to unravel a data mystery, i.e., a data nerd.

How difficult are the puzzles?

You need to know at least some SQL, or other data analytics package (Pandas, R, VisiData, Excel) to join, filter, sort, etc. Intermediate-level data practitioners can solve each puzzle in about 30 minutes.

Can the puzzles be solved using Excel/Python/R/K/Perl?

Yes, you can download the data as JSON, CSV, or in the raw SQLite format, and use whatever data analysis tools you want.

How can I support the making of these data games?

Your company may want to consider sponsoring our upcoming game.

To support our work in general, you can sponsor Saul Pwanson on Patreon or via Github Sponsors.

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