Sponsorship FAQ

For our upcoming game, we're looking for a few financial sponsors, to defray costs and help with marketing, so we can focus on creating quality content to entertain and challenge data nerds around the world.

What is the potential reach?

For each Hanukkah of Data, Noah's Rug had about 1500 people who finished the intro puzzle, and about 150 people who completed the final puzzle. Many people wrote in to say they enjoyed the puzzles, and several blogged about their solutions. Many players have posted on social media or emailed asking about future games. The most recent Hanukkah of Data reached the frontpage of Hacker News.

When will it be released?

This upcoming game will have an initial release on May 6th, 2024. A release event will take place from May 6th-9th, coinciding with the Recurse Center's1 annual alumni week ("Never Graduate Week"). The full game will be released later on itch.io.

Do you have feedback from previous sponsors?

"We love puzzles, games, and helping folks become proficient with data most of all. Sponsoring the Hanukkah of Data game was the easiest decision we ever made." -- Boris Jabes, CEO of Census

How much does it cost to sponsor, and what benefits do sponsors enjoy?

There are several sponsorship tiers available. If you or your company is interested in sponsorship, please email sponsor@whereinthedata.com.

As a Silver Sponsor (for $1k), your company name and logo will appear on the game website and in the game credits, and your company will be thanked in our release announcements.

As a Gold Sponsor ($5k), your company will be a headline sponsor, and your company name and logo will be prominently featured on all game-related materials and the main webpage. We can also collaborate with you on custom marketing content, such as an interview for a blogpost or podcast.

As a Platinum Sponsor ($10k), your company will be a headline sponsor (as with Gold Sponsorship), and we will also develop and include a custom puzzle "side quest" that makes reference to your company and/or product. (Platinum sponsorships are limited and may not be available later in the development process).

  1. RC is a wonderful community of over 2500 curious and intelligent people who love things like this. If you are hiring, you should consider partnering with RC to hire great engineers.↩︎