Where in the Data?

Beta Invite

We're a week away from May 6th, when we said we would release Where in the Data's The Damaged Goods. We've been more ambitious with this game: the puzzles are more complex, and we've added an SQL client to play the game from your browser. But some of the features we want, like having LLM-generated clues for wrong answers, some additional puzzles, and possibly the art won't be in place on May 6th. We're hard at work making sure the puzzles will be playable, but we want to treat this first iteration as an intimate beta release.

If this sounds like something fun you'd like to be a part of, email us at beta@whereinthedata.com anytime from now until May 10th. We'll email you a link to the Damaged Goods beta on May 6th, and follow up with some questions afterwards.

If you'd prefer to avoid spoilers, and wait for the official release, stay tuned here! Our current goal is to release the polished version by the end of the summer.