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Announcing "Damaged Goods"

New Data Adventure "Damaged Goods" Set for Launch

March 5th, 2024 — Bluebird Terminal Services, an innovative neo-retro software studio, is excited to announce "Damaged Goods". Set within a database dump of a vast New York City deli conglomerate, "Damaged Goods" promises a unique gaming experience, fusing data exploration, thoughtful puzzles, and charming text graphics.

About Where in the Data?

"Where in the Data?" (WitD) games challenge players to exercise their data analysis skills, using narrative hints to navigate a model database. Players immerse themselves in a world of colorful characters, assuming the role of data detective. Each WitD game is a labor of love, meticulously crafted to engage data enthusiasts across the board.

Key Features


"Damaged Goods" will be released at whereinthedata.com/damgoods. On May 6th-10th, we are hosting an event for the public to play the initial iteration of the game. Updated versions, with added features and content, will be released on itch.io later in the year.


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About Bluebird Terminal Services

Since 2016, Bluebird Terminal Services has been a pioneer in data tools and text artistry, creating quality content that stands out. Their debut game, Noah's Rug, touched the hearts and minds of more than 2000 players for Hanukkah of Data. Committed to innovation and excellence, Bluebird Terminal Services continues to push the boundaries of software.

For more information about WitD, visit whereinthedata.com.

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